8 - 9PM Mondays

6 & 7PM Tuesdays

7:30-9PM Wednesdays*

6 & 7PM Thursdays

6 & 7PM Fridays

11AM, 12 & 1PM Saturdays

2 - 3:30 PM Sundays​*

* Optional Power Moves (30 min + $10)

Level I programs are 16 sessions.

Level 2 programs are 24 sessions.

 ​Get Light on Your Feet!  

Don't Despair!

Your lateral slides will enable you to rip or catch up sooner.

Improve Your Reflexes!

Start Sooner!

Your forward and backward  first two steps will be explosive. You will execute plays stronger.

Sessions are 90 minutes.

Jump Higher

No Problem!

Your vertical and broad jumps will enable you to jump higher and leap farther.

Clinics are 9 sessions.


Age Group 14U+

* indicates required

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7PM Mondays

7PM Tuesdays

8-9 PM Wednesdays

7PM Thursdays

11AM Saturdays

2 PM Sundays

No training on Saturday,  5/12

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