Monster Vertical Power is specialized in explosivity and efficiency training with guaranteed results in Verticality, Agility, and Speed.  

In Verticality, athletes increase their vertical and broad jumps. They gain inches enabling them to rebound, take higher jump shots, return lobs, or catch wide passes. In basketball, some dunk for the first time ever. 

In Agility, athletes gain explosive lateral power. They reduce their lateral speed by fractions of a second enabling them to rip by opponents faster or catch up sooner. 

In Speed, athletes gain power in forward and backward motions. They increase their speed by a fraction of a second, therefore, the first two steps will be explosive. They will execute faster.

Monster Vertical Power guarantees gains, when three factors are met:

  1. Every athlete must take the free combine fitness test
  2. Every athlete must give 100% in every drill in every training session
  3. Every athlete must train three (3) sessions/week for an entire program or two (2)/week in a clinic ​

All athletes are then re-tested to prove their gains.

| 8 Weeks | 16 Sessions | 1 Hour each | 

​​Make-up session:  Any time on the schedule above.
Amount of sessions: 16 

Combines: 2.  Second one FREE

FREE verification combine

Allow a day for recovery between sessions.

You can change days after signing up.

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Introduce athletes to form efficiency and explosivity work AND produce gains in Verticality, Agility & Speed.


New athletes between 10-14 years old.
Athletes in sport season.

Focus Areas:

(1) Explosive Execution

(2) Form Efficiency & Execution

(3) Plyometrics

(4) Calisthenics

Guaranteed higher vertical jump, longer broad jumps, Explosive lateral, FWD & BWD sprints & slides.

Bonus: (1) FREE Verification Combine & (1) FREE T-shirt.

Two more sessions are offered during the week for make-ups.
NO ONE loses money with Monster Vertical Power.

All athletes MUST take the Evaluation Combine before staring an 8-Week Program. Click Here to register.

8-Week GuAranteed gains programs

Leap & Burst Level 1