Personal Evaluation | Team Combine


To understand natural strengths and baseline athletes.

Once baselined, athletes will benefit in two ways:

(1) Know your strengths, therefore, use your skills more effectively.

(2) Train smarter to target areas for improvement, therefore, be well rounded.


A combine is usually a combination of sport and position-specific tests. These tests determine speed, agility, verticality and horizontality scores. Coaches and scouts use this data to evaluate athletes.

Depending on the age group, Monster Vertical Power offers three analytics services:

(1) Evaluation Combine & Report.

(2) Evaluation Combine Report and Rank Report.

(3) Bio-mechanics Evaluation.

(4) Team Combine.

(5) Club & School Combine.


Eligibility: 10U+

Price: $50
Athletes will receive tests which will render test results in inches and hundredths of a second. They will receive their scores in vertical and broad jumps, sprints and agility .


Eligibility: 14U+

Price: $70

Time & Date: 1PM every Saturday

Athletes will receive their scores and how they compare to other on combine day, by age group, entire combine session. They will also receive how they rank in comparison to NBA, NFL or any sport specific professional athletes.
Athletes will see their ranking percentile in Verticality, Horizontality, Agility & Speed in comparison to Division I scholarship recipients and professional athletes.


Coming soon in March, 2019