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Athletes will receive their scores and how they compare to other on combine day, by age group, entire combine session. They will also receive how they rank in comparison to NBA, NFL or any sport specific professional athletes.

Athletes will see their ranking percentile in Verticality, Agility & Speed in comparison to Division I scholarship recipients and professional athletes.


8 - 9PM Mondays

6 & 7PM Tuesdays

7:30-9PM Wednesdays*

6 & 7PM Thursdays

6 & 7PM Fridays

11AM, 12 & 1PM Saturdays

2 - 3:30 PM Sundays​*

* Optional Power Moves (30 min + $10)

* indicates required

7PM Mondays

7PM Tuesdays

8-9 PM Wednesdays

7PM Thursdays

11AM Saturdays

2 PM Sundays

No training on Saturday,  5/12

Combine day, Age Group, DIVISION 1 & Professional Associations Tests