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Analytics & Recommendations Report

The AAR reports ranges between 24-28 pages long.  Athletes will receive a measurable, methodical and reliable route plan to fulfill her/his fullest athletic potential. It includes the Current-State Analytics report and interpretations of all scores and combinations of scores. Athletes receive an overview of strengths and a detailed description of how to apply them for in game performance and scoresheet statistics. The report includes areas for improvement and ways and means to address them. Ways and means span drills in and outside the weight room, amount of sets, repetitions and duration of routines. It covers developing not only strength, but also springs and ways to jump higher and farther, rip farther with explosive two steps and sprint or backpedal faster.

Performance analytics

Your vertical jump, broad jump, two agility and two speed combine results.

Division I Comparables Scorecard

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Combine Scorecard

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A laminated 4”x6”scorecard that renders an athlete’s performance in comparison to Division I athletes.

Elevate YOUR PERSONAL athleticism by implementing precise personal metrics,  relevant drills  & the best enabling technologies.