17U+ Years Old

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8-Week Program

Elevate Level 2

Purpose: Produce maximum gains in Verticality, Agility, Horizontality & Speed. You will gain inches on your vertical and broad jumps and reduce your agility and speed tests time.
Eligibility: Alum athletes or 17U+
Duration: 2 months/eight weeks
Sessions/week: 3

3-Week Clinics

Jumping Jets

| Posterize | Block | Rebound |

Purpose: An all out Vertical Jump focused training clinic. Training includes form & fluidity instructions. Some athletes gain inches. Dnk for the first time ever!
Eligibility: 14U+
Duration: Three weeks
Total Sessions: 11
Sessions/Week: 3

Custom Training

Custom Training Programs

An assortment of drills designed based on the following 7 factors:
1. Desired gains date
2. Sport
3. Position
4. # of sessions selected
5. Duration of training
6. Desired gains date
7. Athlete combine scores

Eligibility: 15U+
24 Sessions: $60 each
18 sessions: $65 each
12 sessions: $ 70 each
8 sessions: $75 each
Pay-As-You: $80 each

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