Elevate trainees to a higher athletic level to help them win scholarships and beyond by utilizing analytics, enabling technologies, & elite coaches to train intelligently & gainfully.


 Boost athletes to peak performance with explosive power and efficient executions.


We specialize in explosivity and efficiency training with guaranteed results in Verticality, Horizontality, Agility, Speed.  

In Verticality, athletes increase their one-leg and two-leg running vertical jumps and two-leg standing jumps. They gain inches enabling them to rebound, take higher jump shots, return lobs, or catch wide passes. In basketball, some dunk for the first time ever. 

In Horizontality, athletes gain explosive broad jump power. They increase their one-leg and two-leg horizontal bounds. Athletes gained as much as two feet with our training.

In Agility, athletes gain explosive lateral power. They reduce their lateral speed by fractions of a second enabling them to rip by opponents faster or catch up sooner. 

In Speed, athletes gain power in forward and backward motions. They increase their speed by a fraction of a second, therefore, the first two steps will be explosive. They will execute faster.

We guarantees gains, when three factors are met:

  1. Every athlete must take the free combine fitness test
  2. Every athlete must give 100% in every drill in every training session
  3. Every athlete must train three (3) sessions/week for an entire program or two (2)/week in a clinic 

All athletes are then re-tested to prove their gains.