MVP baseball training drills deliver maximum power for superior throwing, batting and speed performance for Major League, NCAA and even Little League ball players.

Regardless of your level of play, MVP develops explosive power from the legs to the shoulders to improve all aspects of a ball player’s game. From pitching velocity to hitting power and the development of superior offensive and defensive speed – MVP can deliver it all. MVP Baseball Drills Deliver Maximum Power For Superior Throwing, Hitting And Speed Performance Gains From the Major Leagues to Little League ball players, MVP will develop game changing abilities providing superior gains in speed, hitting power and pitching velocity in as little as 3 weeks.

MVP will improve leg, arm and hip rotation speed & power to increase hitting distance and throwing speed. Dramatically improve 60 yard dash times and be more successful stealing bases and getting to those hard hit ground and fly balls! Improve explosive leg power 6 times more effectively than plyometrics and improve overall baseball related athleticism.

What A Baseball Player Needs To Do to Play At The Highest Level
To be successful in baseball, an athlete needs strength and power in their upper body for hitting and throwing while power in their lower body for accelerating, sprinting, and change of direction. This is due to the highly anaerobic nature of the game. A baseball game consists of repeated events of short bursts of activity which is dependent on if and where a player hits the ball. This produces a game that requires athletes to be quick and powerful to propel their bodies into whatever position the play calls for. Every play performed by athletes during a baseball game is done at full intensity and with explosive power.

3 Benefits of Baseball Training With MVP

MVP can improve every aspect of baseball performance. When used in conjunction with your strength and conditioning program, you’ll definitely become a better player on the field. Here are just a few ways MVP produces

1.Build Explosive Power

Explosive power in the upper and lower body are vital for a baseball athlete to play at their optimal potential. With MVP’s unique design, the number of exercises available to increase force production and strength are vast. the best baseball players.

2. Increase Your Speed And Improve Your Agility With MVP

Speed is vital in baseball. Countless number of plays during baseball games have been decided on just a few milliseconds and can mean the difference between a win or a big L. This is why MVP is the best piece of baseball training equipment to increase players velocity by a few clicks. Further, resisted sprints have been found to possibly improve acceleration to an even higher degree. This is perfect as the distances between bases in baseball are 60ft making the ability to reach top speeds faster even more important. Baseball players rarely reach top speeds as their distances are shorter. This means that top acceleration may be more beneficial than actual top speeds.

Related to acceleration is the need for agility and change of direction skills. Players must constantly make movements with mere milliseconds of reaction time. Increased agility is developed by improving the stretch-reflex complex in a manner so that it can produce more power under less time. This is what a baseball player needs as they must react to a ball in play that can literally go anywhere.

3. Improve Fast-Pitch And Slow-Pitch Technique and Speed

In the sport of baseball, there are two different styles of pitching; fast-pitch and slow-pitch. The difference comes down to the pitching style and objective. Fast-pitch is much more similar to baseball in that the ball is thrown fast and straight. However, it is performed with a vastly different windmill motion technique. Slow-pitch baseball is performed by throwing the ball in a high arc toward the plate. Slow-pitch is generally played on the lower levels or recreationally as it encourages more hits and more playtime.

Resisted Pitching: One of the beauties about MVP is again, you can perform the exact same athletic movements but while under a load. Resisted pitching simply refers to performing pitching while having MVP attached to your body. You have the option of attaching MVP to various locations which can be chosen depending on what you want to focus on.

Segmental Training: Another option when using MVP with pitching drills is to break up the pitch parts into segments. This allows the pitcher to concentrate on perfecting the biomechanics of a specific motion before putting them all together. Dominate The Diamond With The MVP Baseball Training Tool!

As seen, MVP offers benefits as a software training tool that you can not find anywhere else when comparing it’s effectiveness, ingenuity, and versatility. It will meet all the needs of baseball training to take athletes to the next level. Considering the high demands it takes to dominate play on the diamond, you need to have MVP in your training program to be sure you are playing at your fullest potential.