Eligibility: 15U+
Price: $250
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Most suitable for Junior, Senior, showcase and college athletes. This report is one of a kind because it is about the particulars of the athlete and the ways and means to go to the next level.

You Will Receive
The Evaluation & Rank Report
Performance Analytics Report

You will receive a measurable, methodical and reliable route plan to fulfill her/his fullest athletic potential. The report will include the following:

Current-State Analysis report

Interpretations of all scores and their combination.
An overview of strengths and a detailed description of how to apply them for in game performance and score sheet statistics.
Areas for improvement and ways and means to address them.
Strength training: Drills in and outside the weight room, amount of sets, repetitions and duration of routines.
Springs training: Explosivity training drills and programs/clinics recommendations to jump higher and farther, rip farther with explosive two steps and sprint or backpedal faster.
Upon ordering this report, a Monster Vertical Power representative will contact you to schedule a meeting to schedule a full combine by sport, and an appointment in the weight room.