Team Combine


To increase the number of wins by equipping coaches with information about each athlete on the team. You will learn who your faster, more agile and higher jumpers athletes are. You make real time decisions for team combinations to defeat your opponents.


Athletic directors and/or coaches will receive a Team Analytics Report. Coaches will learn the overall athletic condition and rating of their team. You will be provided with all the data needed to build a strategy based on teams in their bracket and/or the nature of a league/tournament.


Coaches will be able to manage substitutions and timeouts better, and select starters and substitutions dynamically, relevantly, and timely. 

Gone are the calls for timeouts exclusively when another team gets hot, etc. Gone are calling for substitutions only when fouls are high or an athlete is exhausted, etc.  Cutting edge tools and techniques are the key to winning games.

With our reports, coaches will be better equipped to determine the combination of players suited for a faster or slower pace opposing team, an impenetrable-paint defensive team or a fast breaks intensive team, etc. 


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