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Start on a Saturday with a FREE Evaluation. 

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Training at Monster Vertical Power is analytics based.  It is designed by age group. Age-group specific routines minimize the risk of injury, exact routines for relevant gains, and introduce the right level of resistance for guaranteed gains.

Monster Vertical Power guarantees gains, when three factors are met:
(1) You take the free combine fitness test
(2) You give 100% in every drill in every training session
(3) You train at least (2) sessions and no  more than three (3) sessions/week.

You will take another post-training combine to prove their gains.

Monster Vertical Power is a continuously evolving training organization. We test, re-test, refine, update and measure the efficacy of drills after the completion of our programs and sessions. 

We guarantee gains and you will be able to verify them. What we do is give you a FREE combine test to establish the current athletic state, train you in two areas (Explosivity & Efficiency) and re-test you after the completion of your training.

The three Eight-Week Guaranteed Gains programs are the following:

  1. Leap  (Suitable for 10 U plus)
  2. Elevate (Suitable for Leap alumni or Athletes with combine scores 60+)
  3. Hover (Geared for Division I, II, Showcase & Pro-Athletes)

Efficiency is about the Return on Movement. An efficient athlete consumes less energy to make a move. We see it all the time. Kids pump their arms from side to side. We call that the East-West-Hurtle. With little coaching, kids slice the air pumping their arms north and south. When athletes are efficient, they tire less and produce more. We implement techniques from Plyometrics & Calisthenics.

Plyometrics-Calisthenics is about the Return on Weight. Your child’s body weight alone will be the tool to equip him/her with organic and sustainable gains. View the one-minute clip of EPC training. See how Zane developed a new sense of confidence in his abilities. He runs faster and executes stronger.

Monster Vertical Power is specialized in explosivity and efficiency training with guaranteed results in Verticality, Agility, and Speed.  

In Verticality, athletes increase their vertical and broad jumps. They gain inches enabling them to rebound, take higher jump shots, return lobs, or catch wide passes. In basketball, some dunk for the first time ever. 

In Agility, athletes gain explosive lateral power. They reduce their lateral speed by fractions of a second enabling them to rip by opponents faster or catch up sooner. 

In Speed, athletes gain power in forward and backward motions. They increase their speed by a fraction of a second, therefore, the first two steps will be explosive. They will execute faster.

Monster Vertical Power guarantees gains, when three factors are met:

Every athlete must take the free combine fitness test
Every athlete must give 100% in every drill in every training session
Every athlete must train three (3) sessions/week for an entire program or two (2)/week in a clinic ​​

All athletes are then re-tested to prove their gains.